1. In reality the community has:

i) Disabled and physically handicapped
ii) The social disadvantaged and the privileged
iii) Retirees / the aged
iv) Those employed (civil servants)
v) The unemployed.

  1. People do not need to worry or be scared; the responsible government takes care of the people.

What is required is that the demography office shall prepare and provide data and statistics of all what is itemized above.

  1. When that is done, the statistics and record of population and age groups to be provided by government department, everything shall be computerized.

This will enable the Government workout per capita income.


  1. The government is under obligation to allocate resources to citizens and workout means and decide how much each person should earn from the wealth of their country. Practically and not theoretically as to ensure that each person is a beneficiary to the wealth of their country.

  2. It is obvious that the civil servants will continue with their services without interruption. It is an open n secret that the civil servants need to shift their allegiance to the Government that be; they are not politicians, but permanent employees.

The programme and development plan once implemented shall create employment.


The government of Zambia is obliged to pay Barotzish retirees the packages of their pension
The Barotseland Government, however, shall prepare something for the same retirees who
worked in Zambia to cushion hardships. As nationals and citizens they have the right to enjoy from the wealth of their country while struggling to get their gratuity or pension money, e.t.c.

It shall be a deliberate policy that the Government ensures that people have basic needs.
Viz (clothing, food, shelter) practically.

Subsidy is inevitable, it will ever be there.



  1. Territorial Boundary

  2. Regional Boundaries

  3. District Boundaries

  4. Country Boundaries

  1. Territorial boundaries shall or have to be distinct and clear.

  2. Territorial boundaries were created by white colonialist.

  3. Territorial boundaries have produced Geographical maps.

  4. In certain African maps, colonialist divided people who were united, and in some case colonialists grouped disparate communities, with no common language, no common culture, no common history or no social link) together. This is what caused tribal conflicts and disharmony, especially where the society was not build on strong symbiotic principle, but on greediness, dishonesty and disrespectful.

  5. Though the territorial boundaries were created by whites, there is still need for some alterations and compromise on the boundaries in view of point (d) above where it is reasonable.

  6. The territorial boundary shall be best determined where it is easy to create no-man’s land.


What is a civil servant?

  1. Administrative, professional, technical, executive and clerical officers, who constitute a civil service.

  2. Civil servants are all servants of the crown (England), It is important that those who are most closely concerned with the higher administration of public services should in fact enjoy security of tenure, without which, it would be difficult to ensure continuity of loyal service to successive ministers of different political parties.

N.B. Ministers hold office at pleasure, since their tenure must end when electorate turns against their party. In our case their tenure ceases because Barotseland is a different country, and civil servants are servants of Barotseland Kingdom so they are needed.


1 Barotseland Telecommunication BATCOM
2 Barotseland State Insurance/ Lottery BASILO
3 Barotseland Meat Company BAMCO
4 Barotseland Milling Company BAMIL
5 Barotseland Broadcasting Corporation BABC
6 Barotseland Sugar Company BASUCO
7 Barotseland Power Company BAPCO
8 Barotseland Air line BAALI
9 Barotseland Leather Company BALCO
10 Barotseland Limestone Company BALIM
11 Barotseland Petroleum Corporation BAPET
12 Barotseland Beverages BAB

Investors in these Areas and other fields are most needed

From Department of Commerce and Trade

Contact us:


To those who may lack insight

  1. Prerogative Powers- will be confined to the powers and authority of the Sovereign in relation to her own subjects and not to rights vested in her in relation to persons owing no allegiance

  2. The living meaning of prerogative today is however, that group of powers of the crown not conferred by statute, but recognised by the common law as long as belonging to the crown.

  3. The sovereign commander- in- chief of all the armed forces of the crown and assumed the title Lord High Admiral under defence re-organisation of 1964.


  1. The Litunga is a Sovereign Leader in Barotseland and no question about it; he enjoys privileges and prerogative powers, although prerogative powers may be doubted or a matter of argument today

Forum observation

  1. Un fortunately both the privy council; the people of Barotseland and the Kuta seem to take the issue of the Uniform of the Litunga lightly; the uniform of the Admiral of the Royal Navy is not and can never be worn out of fashion; people have to take it seriously.

  2. The president of Zambia does not wear the army uniform out of fashion; no, person can wear army uniform out of fashion; but signifies what he/her is.

  3. The crown {Ya fa lioma} Litunga is the commander-in-chef of the armed forces in the free state of Barotseland. In essence there is nothing wrong to confer the title, “The lord Admiral High” under the Barotse defense Act, to the Litunga.

  4. The uniform of the Admiral of the royal navy was given to king Lewanika as a gesture of recognition by Her Britannic majesty the Queen of England.

  5. The uniform has been worn by the Barotzish kings for over 110 years, this uniform is a symbol that depicts the authority of the Great King of ther river Kingdom {of Barotseland}

  6. No law has been passed forbidding the Litunga to wear that Admiral Uniform. So it is self evident that the Litunga shall have the right to declare war and to make peace in the Barotzish Territory.

  7. The English subjects owe allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, at all times, wherever they may be. The allegiance follows the person of the subject

  8. Litunga is not a person but a title. If a person does not want to be a sovereign leader he is free to say so.

It should be clear that other subjects shall continue paying allegiance to the King.





Ministry of Finance - Budget 2010

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As the Barotseland Government's official web portal, Barotseland.com makes it easy for the public to get Barotseland Government information and services on the web. Barotseland.com also serves as the catalyst for a growing Public Administration Network.